Unnatural Affiliations.

Dear You,
You’re breaking my heart,
And I’m so so scared for you.
I’ve seen her turn things I cherish to ashes without a second thought.
You were part of my world. Part of me.
I’m not quite ready to share you yet.
May the agised  prayers that have spilled forth from my lips because of her never have to leave yours.
She’s lovely,you see. And I love her so true.
But she destroys unwittingly.
She is an innocent and yet in my life I have seen her wreck  storms that would make Poseidon’s hands quiver.
She’s mine too you know. I give her my trust and she knows I would never betray hers.
But all too often I find myself in fear of her. She knows not the power she wields.
May you never have to feel the cold grasp of fear I felt today, hearing you chose,willingly, her company.
I’m so so scared for you.
You’re breaking my heart.

Falsely Yours,

Petrichor And Coffee.

It’s that time of the year again.
Alive. You breathe deeply,
Life filling your lungs.
The Rain falls,
washing away the dust of everyday life.
Your life’s changing around you,
take a moment to look.
From your place above,
sitting on the water tanks,
you could touch the sky.
Far below,the mundane sounds of existence cease.
It’s cold now,
The North wind that demands change blowing,
I’ve missed it so.
Quiet moments of serenity beckon,
As does the scent of coffee freshly brewed,
lingering in the air,persistant.Demanding.
Back on the ground,the little blue light blinks.
One new message.
Miles apart,someone knows.
What it feels like,when you scream in enthrallment at the lightning.
When you shiver,drenched to the bone.Ecsastic and Free.
‘Change’, the North Wind whispered,
lifting my hair,blowing all around me.
Until I promised I would,
and then I smiled.
For it had already begun.
I had a new friend.