The Fifth Secret: Acceptance and Freedom.

She was an angel remember? Our heroine? White and delicate and fragile she was. She was…nice. And the word stung her everyday,for Nice is a mediocre term used for those who have no spark,for lack of a better word.

And then she was Black.Coal,charred and burnt. But she did what she had to and so she lived.

She fell remember? And then there was pain..mind-numbing,earth-shattering pain. For a moment she felt nothing. She heard a soul-splitting scream,and it went on and on till she realised it was her.

She spun,she fell,and there was a sickening crunch as her ankle snapped.
It was a clean break. But she would never be able to be the same. Neither the same Ballerina, nor the same lover, nor the same dark, for she was not the same person anymore.

A clean break. Over time she knew it was exactly what she needed,it saved her. The dark didn’t disappear  but she learnt to control it. It’s okay to be a little..not-so-nice every once in a while.

And all the pieces fell into place.
She went back to her love,she did what she could. Neither white nor Black…but a shade of Grey that makes the world interesting.

As for our other heroine,the one trapped in a world of decorum? She decided to be free. Her story is yet to come,and it is a story as beautiful as the inticate latticed window that separated her from her desired world.
Inspired by Beethoven’s 5 Secrets. The fifth secret is Acceptance. Of yourself,of those around you,and of the fact that pushing the limits is possible but sometimes situational problems can result in failure. Don’t let it stop you,don’t let make you lose your love. Do what you love,it will set you free.

The Daily Post:Menagerie.

This post could not possibly be more coincidental. My topic? Do you have animals in your life? If yes,what do they mean to you. You find it here.
And yesterday my beloved Elsa turned three years old.


Elsa,my love.

She is my heart,my soul. I’ve had her since was a puppy that fit in my lap and chewed up everything she could get her teeth on.


Young and free.

Like this. I’ve grown so attached to this little girl I can’t even put it in words. Anyone who’s ever had a dog or loves them knows that sense of complete satisfaction you get when they jump on you everyday when you return home,their insistence that your sole purpose in life is to hug them,play with them and cuddle up together. So what does she mean to me? She means unconditional,irrepressible,flawless love. I also used to have a cat.


Ladies and Gentlemen,Meet Chips the cat.

I adopted him when he was a kitten small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. I remember when I first got him home and introduced him to Elsa,who was about a year old at the time. Yeah she learnt the hard way not to mess with a spitfire of a kitten. That scratch on her nose didn’t disappear for about a fortnight! But they learnt to live together. They used to cuddle up on Elsa’s bed during the meagre excuse for a winter we have here in Bombay.


Peaceful Co-existence

Chips,however,decided that the domestic life was not for him,he left one day and didn’t come back. Not a day goes by when I don’t miss him. It’s been more than three months that he’s been gone.


Pieces of my heart.

So that’s that. I love my Elsa and Chips. They’re my family. That says it all I think.

Smooth Seas and Safe Harbours.

Adrift in a ocean of denial,
The unknown is a scary place.
It’s funny you know, the way that simple greeting has you smiling,
After all it’s just a statement of the obvious.
Still waters run deep they say,
The currents care not for your comfort.
For you could exist in the harbour forever,
But you would not live for a day.
The disjointed phrasing is inescapable,
Thoughts fly around this head too rapidly to comprehend.
Much like the butterflies in your stomach you’d never admit to.
It’s everything and nothing,all at once.
But a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor,
And I’m here to enjoy the ride.
How could I not?
These words make my soul smile.

The Fourth Secret:Brilliance and Denial.


Carbon,under pressure,turned to a brilliant gem,
The black coal is just another Rock.
The transformation begins within,
the soul has a darkness no one can be rid of.
Denial would rot the heart,brilliance is on the surface,deceptive.
Rip it to shreds with your bare hands,
scratch the surface till you bleed.
Bright red,the blood will drip,marring the pristine white marble below.
Try as you might,the roots are intertwined,
it would kill you a million times before you die.
The Brilliance lies in deception,
Denial is Schrödinger’s  cat,it’ll come and go at will,
The tired heart will sigh.
Even a seraphim would succumb to such human fallacy.

Inspired by Beethoven’s 5 secrets:Part 4.
The fourth secret is to make mistakes,if nothing else it’ll make a good story.
What’s the saying- ‘It’s a risk to love,what if it doesn’t work out?..Ah,but what if it does?’
PS. If you know it’s extremely stupid,don’t do it just for the kicks,You’ll screw it up yourself.

Horcruxes of the Light.

‘Of the horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions,we shall neither speak nor give direction.-Magick Moste Evil’

‘The Diary,the ring, the locket,the cup,something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

‘ Voldemort was conceived under the effects of a love potion,he does not have the ability to love truly.

His horcruxes were so that he could achieve immortality,so that he could live forever.
A horcrux is made from an act that splits the soul,an act so evil it rips the soul apart. In retrospect,maybe Horcrux is not the word I should have chosen while expounding upon my philosophy…before you kill me,remember this, I am a Harry Potter nerd and killing me will split your soul.

Moving on to the main topic.
Horcruxes of the light. I call them that because I believe we share our soul with those we love. When we love someone, we give them a part of our soul, it binds us to them for life. How else would you explain that pull,that gut feeling of just knowing or that moment when your thoughts are eerily similar. A part of us lives in them. It’s like when you meet an old friend and you’re just so happy you look like a child given cookies before dinner. Or anyone given cookies before dinner,because, you know, Cookies.

Or when you’re sitting with close friends, laughing so hard no sound comes out of your mouth so you just sit there, tears of laughter running down your face,clapping like a retarded seal.

It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing someone is inherently part of you and you of them. It is inexplicable. That happiness. A Horcux of the Light.
‘The iced tea,the music,the bookstores,the aimless wandering,the baking,the drinking and the dancing’ These created my horcruxes,when I shared my soul.

It’s a beautiful thought.

Mayonnaise: The tragically original tale of Eggeo.

Thank God for toofulltowrite and this post. because otherwise you’d be reading a boring sermon on the art of making Mayonnaise. Instead let’s talk about Eggeo-the young fool from the fair town of the Kitchen where we lay our scene.


His face got stuck like this cause he kept cribbing and whining. His Mom warned not to make this face cause otherwise it’d get stuck like that but he didn’t listen. and then his face got stuck. Listen to your mom I tell you,she’s always right.
So anyway,Eggeo. He was a spoilt brat. And one fine day,he saw her. His new infatuation love,Eggliet. So banishing all thought of his previous love,the dastardly egg pursued her,made his feelings known and long story short,they both died.

So why am I subjecting you to a sad eggy replication of Romeo and Juliet? Mainly cause I wanted to draw a face on an egg and that expression is the one I picture Romeo wearing throughout the play. Yeah. That.

Nevertheless from the breaking of Eggeo’s shell came the egg yolk,the wonderful liquid that made his death more bearable,cause now you had the main ingredient to make food sure his death was not in vain.

Mayonnaise. That final smooth,soft,sauce that is the reason no one really cares about Eggeo and this sad,sad tale.




Add Salt,Pepper,Mustard paste.



1 egg yolk(From an egg that listened to it’s mom and is a good egg)
150ml Oil
5ml Vinegar/Lemon Juice.
a pinch of salt,pepper
1/2 tsp Mustard Paste.

Things to Note: Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.
Take care and don’t be in a hurry Mayo is a finicky,touchy sauce.
Whisk it too fast,it curdles.
Whisk it too slow,it curdles.
Add oil too fast,it curdles.
Add oil too slow,it curdles.
Breathe,It curdles.

Like I said,Touchy sauce.

1) Separate the egg white and the egg yolk.
2) Take the egg yolk in a clean,dry bowl and add the salt,pepper and mustard paste.
3) Combine all these ingredients with a whisk and then slowly start adding the oil, drop in drop,whisking continuously.
4) Initially go slow,stick to the drop by drop addition,as your mayonnaise begins to come together,start adding the oil in a steady stream. Whisk continuously.
5) Once about 75ml of the oil is remaining,add the vinegar all at once and seriously,just keep whisking! you will notice the mayonnaise immediately changes colour and becomes lighter after you add the vinegar. Don’t worry,that’s supposed to happen.
6) Now add the rest of the oil,again in a slow,steady stream and obviously whisk it throughout the process.
7) Once you’ve added all the oil,you’re done! It’s that quick. You should have a light,fluffy mixture with a creamy consistency.

Keep chilled.


* If your mayo is too thick,you can add more vinegar to thin it down,add about 5 ml at a time not more.
*You can pass this mixture through a muslin cloth to get a more smooth consistency.

If your mixtures starts to curdle :
Curdling can be identified by seperation of the solids and liquids,basically your mixture will become grainy and suddenly split.
You can:
1. Stop adding oil immediately. Add a little vinegar and Whisk,whisk,whisk. Start adding oil,drop by drop,once the mixture binds together again.
2. Take another egg yolk in a bowl and slowly start adding the curdled mixture to it.