A twist in my tale.

What are we,darling?
But fate’s fickle toys.
All wound up with no where to go.

What am I,darling?
But an accidental externality.
And you, the twist in my tale.

What are you,darling?
But a persistent presence,
Conspicuous only by absence.

Where are we, sweetheart?
Lost perchance.
Hidden within and considered without.

For, darling, what are we?
But I,the enchanted,
And you,the poison in my cup.

Inspired by ‘Cheers,darling’-Damien Rice.

Do what you will.


I will love.
I will love so much that no one will know what to do with me.
Even when I’m scared,
Even when I’m broken,
I will love.

I will love,
Not only by the shadow of the night,
But also by the light of the day,
Until the people stop and stare,
At a girl in the rain,
Dancing to her own tune,
I will love.

I will love,
Even when the world no longer gives it it’s due,
And it’s power is long forgotten in an age of gratification,
I will look fate in the eye,
Dismiss it with a smile,
I will love.

I will love,
With all that I have,
With that I am,
And all I ever hope to be.
I will be gracious.
I will be kind.
I will love.

A poem for when times are trying,feeling is challenging,and truth is obscure.