After Awhile.

After awhile you learn the difference between holding a hand and chaining a soul.
I read that once somewhere.
It’s been awhile since I’ve had words to share.
But life, as is so often the case is life and sometimes things get hard.

Have you ever poured your heart out and have someone just say, ‘Man, that’s too deep.’
Can I ask you to never be around people that make you want to apologize for your emotions?
Please, don’t try to understand them.
Their incomprehensible mediocrity will be the death of your soul.
You are so bright, they need to shield their eyes.
Please, don’t shine for the wrong people.

Have you ever that feeling of loneliness, that utter sense of being lost?
Can I ask you to leave this place,these people for something better, someplace where you find peace?
Please, my darling, you deserve it.

And I hope you hold your head up high.
I hope you learn to dance with the wind.
May the stars be your crown.
And the moon,your lover.

And this I can promise you,
Every time you hurt, you will heal.
And I, I will be there for you.