Mayonnaise: The tragically original tale of Eggeo.

Thank God for toofulltowrite and this post. because otherwise you’d be reading a boring sermon on the art of making Mayonnaise. Instead let’s talk about Eggeo-the young fool from the fair town of the Kitchen where we lay our scene.


His face got stuck like this cause he kept cribbing and whining. His Mom warned not to make this face cause otherwise it’d get stuck like that but he didn’t listen. and then his face got stuck. Listen to your mom I tell you,she’s always right.
So anyway,Eggeo. He was a spoilt brat. And one fine day,he saw her. His new infatuation love,Eggliet. So banishing all thought of his previous love,the dastardly egg pursued her,made his feelings known and long story short,they both died.

So why am I subjecting you to a sad eggy replication of Romeo and Juliet? Mainly cause I wanted to draw a face on an egg and that expression is the one I picture Romeo wearing throughout the play. Yeah. That.

Nevertheless from the breaking of Eggeo’s shell came the egg yolk,the wonderful liquid that made his death more bearable,cause now you had the main ingredient to make food sure his death was not in vain.

Mayonnaise. That final smooth,soft,sauce that is the reason no one really cares about Eggeo and this sad,sad tale.




Add Salt,Pepper,Mustard paste.



1 egg yolk(From an egg that listened to it’s mom and is a good egg)
150ml Oil
5ml Vinegar/Lemon Juice.
a pinch of salt,pepper
1/2 tsp Mustard Paste.

Things to Note: Make sure all your ingredients are at room temperature.
Take care and don’t be in a hurry Mayo is a finicky,touchy sauce.
Whisk it too fast,it curdles.
Whisk it too slow,it curdles.
Add oil too fast,it curdles.
Add oil too slow,it curdles.
Breathe,It curdles.

Like I said,Touchy sauce.

1) Separate the egg white and the egg yolk.
2) Take the egg yolk in a clean,dry bowl and add the salt,pepper and mustard paste.
3) Combine all these ingredients with a whisk and then slowly start adding the oil, drop in drop,whisking continuously.
4) Initially go slow,stick to the drop by drop addition,as your mayonnaise begins to come together,start adding the oil in a steady stream. Whisk continuously.
5) Once about 75ml of the oil is remaining,add the vinegar all at once and seriously,just keep whisking! you will notice the mayonnaise immediately changes colour and becomes lighter after you add the vinegar. Don’t worry,that’s supposed to happen.
6) Now add the rest of the oil,again in a slow,steady stream and obviously whisk it throughout the process.
7) Once you’ve added all the oil,you’re done! It’s that quick. You should have a light,fluffy mixture with a creamy consistency.

Keep chilled.


* If your mayo is too thick,you can add more vinegar to thin it down,add about 5 ml at a time not more.
*You can pass this mixture through a muslin cloth to get a more smooth consistency.

If your mixtures starts to curdle :
Curdling can be identified by seperation of the solids and liquids,basically your mixture will become grainy and suddenly split.
You can:
1. Stop adding oil immediately. Add a little vinegar and Whisk,whisk,whisk. Start adding oil,drop by drop,once the mixture binds together again.
2. Take another egg yolk in a bowl and slowly start adding the curdled mixture to it.