The Dismissal of Happily Ever After. Prologue.

She closed the blue book, rubbed her tired eyes with ink stained fingers and blinked sleepily at the clock.
She sighed, falling back onto her bed, her dark hair spread out on the pale pink sheets beneath her.
‘Another sleepless night’  She hated nights like these, when the thoughts would simply not be silenced. When the ‘what ifs’ of life were playing like a bad movie in her head. When you questioned everything you ever believed.
About life.
About humanity.
About yourself.

For you see, dear reader, our heroine was plagued not by a disease, or a hardship.
Her problem was far more common.
Disease can be cured.
Hardship dealt with.

But what do you do when you’re awake in the middle of the night feeling like a shadow, like you’d melt away at the slightest light?
Waiting for something,anything, to make you feel better?

We all stuggle.
With life.
With love.
With humanity.
With ourselves.
So I suppose she was, just like you and I.
This is the story of a girl who learnt to love herself, for all the days someone else wouldn’t.

The Fifth Secret: Acceptance and Freedom.

She was an angel remember? Our heroine? White and delicate and fragile she was. She was…nice. And the word stung her everyday,for Nice is a mediocre term used for those who have no spark,for lack of a better word.

And then she was Black.Coal,charred and burnt. But she did what she had to and so she lived.

She fell remember? And then there was pain..mind-numbing,earth-shattering pain. For a moment she felt nothing. She heard a soul-splitting scream,and it went on and on till she realised it was her.

She spun,she fell,and there was a sickening crunch as her ankle snapped.
It was a clean break. But she would never be able to be the same. Neither the same Ballerina, nor the same lover, nor the same dark, for she was not the same person anymore.

A clean break. Over time she knew it was exactly what she needed,it saved her. The dark didn’t disappearĀ  but she learnt to control it. It’s okay to be a little..not-so-nice every once in a while.

And all the pieces fell into place.
She went back to her love,she did what she could. Neither white nor Black…but a shade of Grey that makes the world interesting.

As for our other heroine,the one trapped in a world of decorum? She decided to be free. Her story is yet to come,and it is a story as beautiful as the inticate latticed window that separated her from her desired world.
Inspired by Beethoven’s 5 Secrets. The fifth secret is Acceptance. Of yourself,of those around you,and of the fact that pushing the limits is possible but sometimes situational problems can result in failure. Don’t let it stop you,don’t let make you lose your love. Do what you love,it will set you free.