Unnatural Affiliations.

Dear You,
You’re breaking my heart,
And I’m so so scared for you.
I’ve seen her turn things I cherish to ashes without a second thought.
You were part of my world. Part of me.
I’m not quite ready to share you yet.
May the agised  prayers that have spilled forth from my lips because of her never have to leave yours.
She’s lovely,you see. And I love her so true.
But she destroys unwittingly.
She is an innocent and yet in my life I have seen her wreck  storms that would make Poseidon’s hands quiver.
She’s mine too you know. I give her my trust and she knows I would never betray hers.
But all too often I find myself in fear of her. She knows not the power she wields.
May you never have to feel the cold grasp of fear I felt today, hearing you chose,willingly, her company.
I’m so so scared for you.
You’re breaking my heart.

Falsely Yours,

We are half people.

Dear You,
I feel like you cleaved my heart in two.
I don’t even know what to say anymore.
You took my words away.
And for what?
I feel like wanting you and never having to face you again.
I don’t even know how to cry anymore.
You took my tears away.
And for what?
I feel like Dancing with you on shards of glass.
I don’t even know why I care.
You took my peace away.
And for what?

Falsely yours,

“I don’t remember how many nights we swallowed the sky just to spit it back up by morning, but I do remember the way the stars burned when they made their way back up our throats. And maybe that’s why we could never say ‘I love you’ at dawn the way we could say it at midnight.”
-Lovers who kiss the moon.