Bad Reputation.


~I got a bad reputation,
      We got ourselves a bad situation.~Haley Bonar(Bad Reputation)

Today I have something to say to all of you, but especially to three people who are more amazing than they will ever realize.
So far, on this blog, we’ve seen a lot of angst and let’s be honest, there’s probably more to come. But not today.

Today is for happiness, and a good book, and cup of tea.
Today is for hugs and laughter and silly jokes.
Today is for you.

When Life gives you Lemons by Sanjana18

For you I have the words of Iain Thomas-
“And every day, the world will drag you by the hand, yelling, “This is important! And this is important! And this is important! You need to worry about this! And this! And this!” And each day, it’s up to you to yank your hand back, put it on your heart and say, “No. This is what’s important.”

Today is also for cuddles with a dog. And squishy hugs. And pride and prejudice viewing.
Today is for taking a break.
Today is for you.

Constance and change by rhapsodiesofmymind

For you, I have my own words,
‘You are more than the sum of your parts.
More than the worries that plague you.
More than the things that pull you down.
You are more my love.
You are sunshine and shade.
You are enough.’

Today is for Potter love. And John Green love. And Game of Thrones love.
Today is for being unapologetic in who you are.
Today is you.

Empire of Dirt by Dreamyworldofthesleepygirl

For you I have Albert Einstein-
Because the only thing you absolutely need to know is the location of the Library.

So it’s time to be happy.
If not, well I suppose we’ll just have to have cake.


Today was good day.
I didn’t do anything special.
I got up,went to work.
Laughed and smiled.
I met a friend. Hugged her tight.
I shopped. I ate.
It wasn’t much.
I came home and told my mother, ‘today was a good day.’
I called my closest friend, told her I loved her.
She didn’t say much.She loves me too.
But I could hear the relief in her voice.
Things were better today.
She’s seen days when I refused to eat.
I stared out of the window,surrounded by clouds of ashes and dust.
Hugged myself tight, and never said a word.
Hid from the world,within the four walls that couldn’t offer any solace from memories.
Spiralling down,spinning around.
I did my laundry today. I tried making amends.
I didn’t shed a tear today.
No sir, not one.
I can’t fix you or us or anyone or anything else.
I can fix me.
Today was a good day.


I dream.
I dream of a place far away,
With sand between my toes,
The sound of waves in my ears.
I dream.
Of the highest room in the tallest tower,
I always wanted to be a Dragon Rider.
I dream.
Between Business lunches and Timeline crunches,
Of a place with second breakfast and Elves.
I dream.
Of a place where love will not break your heart but dismiss your fears.
And life plays a soundtrack in your head.
I dream.
I write.
Of Desiderata.
Of Desired things.

Social Idiosyncrasies.

The world,it would seem,despises Grey.
Loathe I am to accept this.
Normal,they say,is a matter of perspective.
Above social labels I rise,
Even as those with their pure white pull me down.
Black tries to tempt me,alluring and deep,
I am torn.
In sickness and in health,they vow,
Clearly better people than me.
Custom,is a matter of expectation,
I believe in nothing at all.

Also go read Elusive Words.,a collaborative poem I absolutely loved. It’s Beautiful.

Tale as old as time.

It’s a beautiful day. The kind of of day when the world spins on and you’re in the peaceful epicentre. The kind of day you run into a kindred spirit and fall in love. Actually you’d much rather fall in love with an idiot who gets under your skin and enrages first at least. It’d make for an interesting life to be sure. Similarity doesn’t challenge you enough.

Love is probably the most abstract emotion ever. And anyone who’s ever seen a Romantic Comedy knows exactly what I mean when I say it’s more a commercial product and right up there with luxury goods bought for displaying wealth.
Forgive this deplorable view. I’m 18 and naive.

And then Ernest Hemingway’s words pop into my head..

‘And you’ll always love me?’She asked.
‘And the rain won’t make any difference?’

The first thought that pops into my head is-‘what ****!’ I apologize for the language. But it is kinda true.

And then I felt like a complete and utter fool,because the best love story of them all resides under my roof.
My grandparents have been married for more than 65 years.

65 years.

That means they were married a little before half of you out there were even born.
That means they’ve been married for almost as long as India’s been Independent. 
That means…well it just means that it’s been a long long long long time.

She wakes up at 6 in the morning,because he likes an early breakfast at 7.
He went to the hospital everyday when she had an accident and refused to leave without hours of assuring him that no one would leave her side. And he came back in about 2 hours after that anyway.
She always knows exactly where his things are,even when he has no recollection of leaving them lying around.
He brings her roses from the terrace garden when they’re in full bloom.

It’s the story after ‘The End.’ has flashed on the screen and you assume the happily ever after.

And it makes me feel amazing to have grown up with this example of what I’d call True Love.
It’s friendship and patience and understanding and so much more.
I can’t even put it into words. It’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately,anyone living around  here would willingly attest to the fact that this beautiful expression exists only on this side of the house door. The other side is a world of idiots who thrive on Drama and have probably declared love more times than the number of years they’ve been living.

Yeah,those people suck.

So I’m gonna ignore them for a while. Them and their distorted image of love which includes a new romance every other month.
And I’m gonna smile.
Cause it’s a beautiful day. And my dog’s asleep on my lap. And my grandparents are right here. That’s love enough for me.

The Fourth Secret:Brilliance and Denial.


Carbon,under pressure,turned to a brilliant gem,
The black coal is just another Rock.
The transformation begins within,
the soul has a darkness no one can be rid of.
Denial would rot the heart,brilliance is on the surface,deceptive.
Rip it to shreds with your bare hands,
scratch the surface till you bleed.
Bright red,the blood will drip,marring the pristine white marble below.
Try as you might,the roots are intertwined,
it would kill you a million times before you die.
The Brilliance lies in deception,
Denial is Schrödinger’s  cat,it’ll come and go at will,
The tired heart will sigh.
Even a seraphim would succumb to such human fallacy.

Inspired by Beethoven’s 5 secrets:Part 4.
The fourth secret is to make mistakes,if nothing else it’ll make a good story.
What’s the saying- ‘It’s a risk to love,what if it doesn’t work out?..Ah,but what if it does?’
PS. If you know it’s extremely stupid,don’t do it just for the kicks,You’ll screw it up yourself.

Horcruxes of the Light.

‘Of the horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions,we shall neither speak nor give direction.-Magick Moste Evil’

‘The Diary,the ring, the locket,the cup,something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

‘ Voldemort was conceived under the effects of a love potion,he does not have the ability to love truly.

His horcruxes were so that he could achieve immortality,so that he could live forever.
A horcrux is made from an act that splits the soul,an act so evil it rips the soul apart. In retrospect,maybe Horcrux is not the word I should have chosen while expounding upon my philosophy…before you kill me,remember this, I am a Harry Potter nerd and killing me will split your soul.

Moving on to the main topic.
Horcruxes of the light. I call them that because I believe we share our soul with those we love. When we love someone, we give them a part of our soul, it binds us to them for life. How else would you explain that pull,that gut feeling of just knowing or that moment when your thoughts are eerily similar. A part of us lives in them. It’s like when you meet an old friend and you’re just so happy you look like a child given cookies before dinner. Or anyone given cookies before dinner,because, you know, Cookies.

Or when you’re sitting with close friends, laughing so hard no sound comes out of your mouth so you just sit there, tears of laughter running down your face,clapping like a retarded seal.

It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing someone is inherently part of you and you of them. It is inexplicable. That happiness. A Horcux of the Light.
‘The iced tea,the music,the bookstores,the aimless wandering,the baking,the drinking and the dancing’ These created my horcruxes,when I shared my soul.

It’s a beautiful thought.