Tongue-tied and Breathless.

Forbidden Words.

Without my words,I cannot breathe,
You steal them right out of my mouth.
How then,can I live,
With nothing to say,not nearly enough to feel.
Paper may cut,Pen will splatter,
Without my words,I do not matter.
By the shadows of the night,
The words want release, Restrain does not flatter.
With these wounds,I will collapse,
For the above this heart of mine,
Another’s causes pause.
Without phoenix tears,death shall be my companion,
For what good is living,
With lowered eyes,and silent lips,
You bring me to my knees,
Without my words,I cannot breathe.

An attempt at poetry. For those times when there’s so much to say that you can say nothing at all.

The Daily Post:Transporter.

Write about a sensation that takes you back to childhood.
Aha! Another excellent daily prompt.


Extra Strong Teleporter Mints!

Look here,my lovelies!
Gah! Need I say more.

My grandfather used to get these for me all the time from a small place,selling sweets like this and hard-boiled colourful candies,near where he used to work in the times when Mumbai was still Bombay.
They’re amazing! One piece of candy and you’ll still be tasting it 3 hours later.
With the slowly became more difficult to find these anywhere..all you’d see is tic-tac and other such assortments. No one wants unlabeled,unbranded stuff like this.
And they’ll never know what they’re missing.
I travel from the Dadar area to Victoria Terminus-which is some 20-25 mins by a Mumbai local train,then walk down to Colaba for another 15 mins just to get these from a small street vendor there.
They remind of when I’d search my grandfather’s pockets as soon as he came home to get some treat I just knew he’d gotten just for me.
They make me happy. And they taste damn good.

Tale as old as time.

It’s a beautiful day. The kind of of day when the world spins on and you’re in the peaceful epicentre. The kind of day you run into a kindred spirit and fall in love. Actually you’d much rather fall in love with an idiot who gets under your skin and enrages first at least. It’d make for an interesting life to be sure. Similarity doesn’t challenge you enough.

Love is probably the most abstract emotion ever. And anyone who’s ever seen a Romantic Comedy knows exactly what I mean when I say it’s more a commercial product and right up there with luxury goods bought for displaying wealth.
Forgive this deplorable view. I’m 18 and naive.

And then Ernest Hemingway’s words pop into my head..

‘And you’ll always love me?’She asked.
‘And the rain won’t make any difference?’

The first thought that pops into my head is-‘what ****!’ I apologize for the language. But it is kinda true.

And then I felt like a complete and utter fool,because the best love story of them all resides under my roof.
My grandparents have been married for more than 65 years.

65 years.

That means they were married a little before half of you out there were even born.
That means they’ve been married for almost as long as India’s been Independent.¬†
That means…well it just means that it’s been a long long long long time.

She wakes up at 6 in the morning,because he likes an early breakfast at 7.
He went to the hospital everyday when she had an accident and refused to leave without hours of assuring him that no one would leave her side. And he came back in about 2 hours after that anyway.
She always knows exactly where his things are,even when he has no recollection of leaving them lying around.
He brings her roses from the terrace garden when they’re in full bloom.

It’s the story after ‘The End.’ has flashed on the screen and you assume the happily ever after.

And it makes me feel amazing to have grown up with this example of what I’d call True Love.
It’s friendship and patience and understanding and so much more.
I can’t even put it into words. It’s a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately,anyone living around¬† here would willingly attest to the fact that this beautiful expression exists only on this side of the house door. The other side is a world of idiots who thrive on Drama and have probably declared love more times than the number of years they’ve been living.

Yeah,those people suck.

So I’m gonna ignore them for a while. Them and their distorted image of love which includes a new romance every other month.
And I’m gonna smile.
Cause it’s a beautiful day. And my dog’s asleep on my lap. And my grandparents are right here. That’s love enough for me.