The variable constant.

It is a commonly known fact that change is a part of life .The acceptance of this fact, however,seems to elude many. As a sign of respect for Jane Austen,the author who inspires me and has been the reason for my love of the Renaissance era,I wish to combine my attempt to imitate her writing style with a subject I believe deserves such eloquence,an unavoidable, variable part of life-Change.

The beginning of change,subsequent chaos and eventual acceptance can be a difficult journey. In the past month, I have witnessed both,an acceptance and utter rejection of this volatile factor. They made lasting impressions on me,dear reader,for you must surely know of the travesty of which I speak.
It was a moment of realization for me. An eye-opener. For while I came to the realization that my happiness depends on my perspective,I wondered if this very happiness was merely a result of compromise. It is like the difference between a classic and a modern day novel. My passion for all things historical and literary is out of place in this new world. But I chose the pursuit of the culinary arts over that of literature and languages,for I dream of a career as a Pastry chef and it is towards this end that I must work.

In retrospect,I realize that I am painting a rather bleak picture of my surroundings. This,however,is not really the case. As I spend more time with these new acquaintances,I realize that I am on a new journey,one that I am now determined to enjoy,while retaining my sense of self, my close friends and my passion for literature and photography. For the pursuit of one art need not mean the complete lack or pursuing any other.

I hope I could do justice to both, the subject and the writing style.
I recently joined IHM,Mumbai to pursue my degree in Hotel Management and this has been an expression of how I felt while adjusting to a completely new environment as compared to my previous educational institution, St.Xaviers College,Mumbai,where I studied for a duration of two years. ( junior college/grade 11 and 12)