Do what you will.


I will love.
I will love so much that no one will know what to do with me.
Even when I’m scared,
Even when I’m broken,
I will love.

I will love,
Not only by the shadow of the night,
But also by the light of the day,
Until the people stop and stare,
At a girl in the rain,
Dancing to her own tune,
I will love.

I will love,
Even when the world no longer gives it it’s due,
And it’s power is long forgotten in an age of gratification,
I will look fate in the eye,
Dismiss it with a smile,
I will love.

I will love,
With all that I have,
With that I am,
And all I ever hope to be.
I will be gracious.
I will be kind.
I will love.

A poem for when times are trying,feeling is challenging,and truth is obscure.