Never regret anything that made you smile.

Now this ‘No regrets’ policy is something I actually live by. I suffer from an uncommon trait in today’s world-Brutal Honesty. Maybe it’s because I’m young enough to be able to get away with it. Maybe it’s because I believe in speaking my mind,irrespective of consequences-at least where talking to my peers is concerned.

Moving on to ‘something that once made you smile’ bit of it,that is a lot easier said than done.

“You run out of tears long before you run out of hurt.”-Gregson.

That is true. When you shatter,it takes time to heal,to mend,and sometimes it changes you irrevocably.

But it’s okay. Because someday,you wake up and you can breathe. The grey cloud floating above has disappeared and it’s a Good day.

For me,Someday took some 2 years to finally show up. And when it did,I realized that that’s how life lessons happen.

It’s like C.S.Lewis said  ” Experience.That most brutal of teachers. But you learn. My god,do you learn.”
So despite how over used it may be,I’m gonna say – Never regret anything that once made you smile. Anything that made you happy once was time well spent.

Speak your mind-somehow when you don’t the feelings fester in your heart and dwell in your mind until it becomes all-consuming. The consequences be damned,at least you did what you believe to be right.
And if you’re ever unsure of what to do,think of this- Trust your gut and heart,they somehow already know what you want to be.
Part 7 of the ‘Life is short’ series. ©Angrezikabutar.

Love Truly.

Clearly I was so excited to write this article that I almost didn’t. For those of you who know who Sheldon Cooper is-that statement has a big,fat,visible from a mile away note saying ‘Sarcasm’.

Unfortunately I don’t subscribe to the mass perception of love. Love truly-In our world,or more specifically in mine,that statement is begging to be scoffed at. Quite visibly the bitterness I spoke about in Forgive. still remains.

Then I read this. by a friend of mine who’s also doing this challenge with me.

And I decided instead of a highly sarcastic,negative point of view, I am going to focus on the Good.

Also when I say Good, I do not,in any way,mean to talk about Romantic love. I am 18. I do not believe you can be ‘In love’ at this age.

So what am I talking about? Love is…

Like cuddling up with your dog on a cold winter’s morning.
Like reading a good book with a cup of coffee on the side.
Like the hug you give your close friend where you just don’t want to let go.

Love is…
The sacrifice of a good night’s sleep to lie on your back and stare at the stars with a friend.
The smile on your face when someone who’s important says they miss you.
The silent conversations which mean more than words ever could.

Love is…
When you can’t stop laughing at the joke only the two of you understood and the crowd simply stares.
When you talk until 4 in the morning because some things are meant only for the night to hear.
When you call a friend just to say I hope today is awesome and your hair doesn’t frizz.

Love is…

That is love. Always.
Part 5 of the ‘ life is short’ series. © Angrezikabutar


The actual theme today is ‘Forgive quickly’ ,the reason it’s not the title is because that would be misleading. I don’t forgive quickly,and I have no intention of starting now.
If we were in Pride and Prejudice this is the moment Elizabeth Bennett’s Aunt would say-“Be careful my dear,that savours strongly of bitterness”

True as that may be,forgiveness is not a trait that comes easily to me. I don’t believe in saying it’s okay when it isn’t. Primarily because an apology slips through your lips so easily that I doubt you mean it. An apology is a way of making yourself feel better,because hey-at least you tried right?-You say ,to yourself to get rid of the uneasy bubbling pit of guilt building in your stomach.

Words have more power than you could ever dream of, and a simple attempt to make amends doesn’t change a thing.

They say you should forgive and forget for your own self,so that you don’t let it affect your temperament,your happiness,your moods. Sounds like an attempt at protecting the ego.
The ego is sensitive and susceptible to injury more easily than anyone of us would like to admit. And so we forgive,because they apologized right? They didn’t mean it-or at least they said they didn’t.

I can’t do it. Not without significant ranting and raving before I calm down enough to simply not care,at least for the time being.

Could you?

If someone cut your heart to shreds?
If someone told you they were indifferent to you and in the same breath paste your heart back together with honey?

Could you forgive them and truly mean it?     

Part 3 of the ‘life is short’ series.©Angrezikabutar

Break the rules.

Rules are commonly accepted standards of behaviour from a society. They supposedly save us from a world of Anarchy and Chaos. I get that,I do. There has to be some boundary somewhere. The problem here lies in the fact that Rules don’t allow for emotional leeway. People who follow these diligently may often find themselves..stuck, shall we say? 

Rules do not allow Creativity.

Rules restrict Passion.

Rules,sometimes, make you reconsider that which you know to be right for you.

The Passion in me wants to break free.To do precisely what I want,simply because I can. And it’s true,you know? Rules are commonly accepted standards,not necessarily followed ones. I’m just thinking about how to put this subtly but then I realize,that’s an ingrained Rule by now..”Be Diplomatic.Don’t come on too strong.Show both sides of the story.”

Guess what? I don’t want to.

I want to be able to say exactly what I want. And here it is-I think that too many rules strangle you.I believe they breed ignorance.They condition us to want only that which they think acceptable. I believe in breaking free from the mould with the small everyday things.

Have Hot Pink shoelaces.

Dye your Hair green.

Proclaim your love for Pride and Prejudice in a room full of sports junkies.

Make Harry Potter references to those poor muggles who will never know the significance of ‘Always.’

Bunk an important class because there’s an amazing place where you get chocolate smoothies,about 5 minutes away from college.

Call that person at the back of your mind to tell them,they’re amazing,even if you’re just acquaintances.

Be odd. Be anything but Commonplace. Cut loose from those who bring you down,you don’t have to stay with them because they were your people once.

You know that amazing girl you see when you’re walking down the street? The one waltzing to her own tune in the middle of the path? The one who’s carrying a purple backpack worn down and hanging by threads? The one who gives you a big smile when she sees you staring,instead of the regular 3 seconds on eye contact?

I am that girl.The one who believes in breaking the everyday rules,in creating my own niche irrespective of what people not apologizing for myself and my thoughts.

I am a girl who can breathe.


part 2 of the Life is short series.©Angrezikabutar