Part of a Whole.|KalaGhoda 2015

Here we are, long after the streets have emptied.

I’ve finally put together my thoughts on this year’s Kalaghoda Arts Festival, one of the most awaited events in the city.

This year,for me, was all about interaction. It was about giving people a platform which allowed them to share their feelings without hesitation. Take for example this.

A world within our own

A world within our own

Or this.

A Little Princess

A Little Princess

Part of a display that allowed readers to add to their thoughts over the course of the festival. Another similar interactive installment asked us to attach any small memoir we had of the city or the relationships we’ve had there.

One of my favorite things about the festival has always been the colorful bangle feature, re-vamped every year. This year it spoke about the contrast between the urban and rural woman, both simply stripped down to a base difference.

The Woman is a strange creature.

The Woman is a strange creature. Demin VS Bangles

The purpose of art has always been defined in various ways. Sometimes it is just to be. Sometimes it’s to highlight things so common we don’t notice them anymore.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Colour, It makes everything so much brighter.

This year was also about hopes and dreams and wishes.

He must know something after all.

Jon Snow? He must know something after all.

Speaking of which, one of mine finally came true, I got to see the Symphony Orchestra of India perform. It was simply amazing.

The SOI Rehearsal

The SOI Rehearsal

Then there were the eclectic butterflies.

I've always loved to dance with the wind.

I’ve always loved to dance with the wind.

We make the best of where we land right? As for the oft repeated tale of turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly, it’s a stereotypical tale but one that everyone feels they’ve been a part of. What’s your Butterfly story?

As far as being a part of something bigger than yourself goes, it doesn’t get better expressed than this.

Part of a Whole

Part of a Whole-Best expressed by a multi faceted semi disco ball. 

Fractions, split seconds, moments gone in a flash, these are what we will remember when age has dulled our eyes, or on days when colours seem less bright. Here, in my city, you never have to be lonely. You will always find someone with whom you can be alone together.

And if not, there will always be the wind to catch your hair and make your worries float away. And I will be there for you, Always. That’s a promise.

Colours of the Wind.

Colours of the Wind.

Much of what I saw and heard and felt leaves me at a loss for words, albeit with a sense of belonging. Maybe next year, I’ll see you there, and you’ll know too.

Strangers make me Smile.|Kalaghoda 2014.

This year’s Kalaghoda Festival was a much needed break from routine monotony.

A lovely day of roaming around with my camera. From this to this post here. The last Year has seen a lot of changes.

But the more things change. the more they stay the same.  And this festival-of art, colour and happiness reminds me that C.S. Lewis was right-“There are far better things in Life than any we leave behind.”

Strangers make me Smile|Kalaghoda 2014.

Look who we have here.

Look who we have here.







Everyday Art.

The Kalaghoda Arts Festival is an amalgamation of all that I love.

Of History,Colour and Art.

Everthing I see.

Everything I see.

Of looking at things differently.

Got Change?


Of bicycles and memories.

A beautiful world.

A beautiful world.

Of even more colour.

More Colour.


Of kindred spirits.

Through the looking glass.

Through the looking glass.

Of Chaos and the beauty within it.


Of the moment in motion.


Of Purple and Curves.

Purple curves.

Of Blue.


Blue in the Shade.

Of the shades of Rust.


Bells and Chimes.

Of a simple moment of solitude.


Roped into thought.

Of Grey Roses and Blue eyes.



Of Coffee at the most unusual times.



Of Candy Floss and Kalakhatta.


Friends and Love.

Kalaghoda is a iconic structure in south Bombay.The Kalaghoda Arts festival is a beautiful experience for everyone who lives and breathes Art. Not just the art you see hung up on the walls of a gallery but everyday art. The art you see in the small bits and pieces of your everyday life. The small things that make you happy. The air itself seems to come alive with euphoria.

Visiting the arts festival every year has been a tradition for me ever since I was a child.

I love the atmosphere,the energy,the sheer amount of happiness and fascination I see on everyone’s faces.

It is truly a part of me.

It is where you can paint with the colours of the wind.

Depth,my dear,is a matter of Perspective.

I recently became the proud owner of a 49mm lens for my beloved camera.

This is what happened then.

Beautiful Carnations.


The Window.


Pebbles in the Sun.





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