Horcruxes of the Light.

‘Of the horcrux, wickedest of magical inventions,we shall neither speak nor give direction.-Magick Moste Evil’

‘The Diary,the ring, the locket,the cup,something of Gryffindor or Ravenclaw.

‘ Voldemort was conceived under the effects of a love potion,he does not have the ability to love truly.

His horcruxes were so that he could achieve immortality,so that he could live forever.
A horcrux is made from an act that splits the soul,an act so evil it rips the soul apart. In retrospect,maybe Horcrux is not the word I should have chosen while expounding upon my philosophy…before you kill me,remember this, I am a Harry Potter nerd and killing me will split your soul.

Moving on to the main topic.
Horcruxes of the light. I call them that because I believe we share our soul with those we love. When we love someone, we give them a part of our soul, it binds us to them for life. How else would you explain that pull,that gut feeling of just knowing or that moment when your thoughts are eerily similar. A part of us lives in them. It’s like when you meet an old friend and you’re just so happy you look like a child given cookies before dinner. Or anyone given cookies before dinner,because, you know, Cookies.

Or when you’re sitting with close friends, laughing so hard no sound comes out of your mouth so you just sit there, tears of laughter running down your face,clapping like a retarded seal.

It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing someone is inherently part of you and you of them. It is inexplicable. That happiness. A Horcux of the Light.
‘The iced tea,the music,the bookstores,the aimless wandering,the baking,the drinking and the dancing’ These created my horcruxes,when I shared my soul.

It’s a beautiful thought.

Laugh Uncontrollably.

So moving on from the slightly dramatic turn these posts seem to have taken,Today we talk about the very epitome of happiness. Laughter.

Ask anyone I know and the first thing they’ll tell you about me is I cry when I laugh. I kid you not,it actually happens. I’m laughing and next thing you know there’s tears running down my cheeks.

The sound of laughter is something that turns heads even more than that pretty girl walking down the street. All of my best memories involve laughing so much your stomach hurts and you’re gasping for breath. I love those moments,almost as much as I love chocolate.

I especially remember those days when I’d simply refuse to go  back to attending lectures after lunch,convince my friends to do the same and we’d sit under the arches in college ,drinking Iced tea and laughing so much about the stupidest things.

You know those moments late at night when you’re tired and sleepy and everything’s hilarious beyond compare?  I love those moments as well.

They comfort me on days where the dreary,grey sky tries to bring you down.
On days that I pretty much hate everything and everyone for no apparent reason.
And on days when you live in the past,wishing you could have some bit of it again.

But it does not do to dwell on the past and forget how to live.

I’m pretty sure Dumbledore knew what he was talking about.

So Live.Laugh.Love the things that make you happy.
Laugh enough that people think you’re certifiably insane.
Laugh uncontrollably with that one who puts a ridiculously wide smile on your face.
Laugh with your friends. You’ll miss those stupid fools more than you ever thought you would.

Part 6 of the ‘ life is short’ series. 

Love Truly.

Clearly I was so excited to write this article that I almost didn’t. For those of you who know who Sheldon Cooper is-that statement has a big,fat,visible from a mile away note saying ‘Sarcasm’.

Unfortunately I don’t subscribe to the mass perception of love. Love truly-In our world,or more specifically in mine,that statement is begging to be scoffed at. Quite visibly the bitterness I spoke about in Forgive. still remains.

Then I read this. by a friend of mine who’s also doing this challenge with me.

And I decided instead of a highly sarcastic,negative point of view, I am going to focus on the Good.

Also when I say Good, I do not,in any way,mean to talk about Romantic love. I am 18. I do not believe you can be ‘In love’ at this age.

So what am I talking about? Love is…

Like cuddling up with your dog on a cold winter’s morning.
Like reading a good book with a cup of coffee on the side.
Like the hug you give your close friend where you just don’t want to let go.

Love is…
The sacrifice of a good night’s sleep to lie on your back and stare at the stars with a friend.
The smile on your face when someone who’s important says they miss you.
The silent conversations which mean more than words ever could.

Love is…
When you can’t stop laughing at the joke only the two of you understood and the crowd simply stares.
When you talk until 4 in the morning because some things are meant only for the night to hear.
When you call a friend just to say I hope today is awesome and your hair doesn’t frizz.

Love is…

That is love. Always.
Part 5 of the ‘ life is short’ series. © Angrezikabutar