Life is Short.

Life is art. It’s what we see,what we understand, what we do. And sometimes it’s what passes us by while we’re too busy to breathe. For some, life revolves around one passion,that one thing they truly love,the center of their universe,their reason for existence. For others,life is what you enjoy when you can take that rare day off and just BE.
An universal conclusion,however, is that life is too short. Too short for all the books you want to read,all the people you want to meet, all the places you want to see. Too short for falling in love and falling hard,too short to fall in love again. Too short to start over.
And then you realize,maybe you’re so busy focusing on the end that you’re forgetting something. That you’re on a journey that’s uniquely yours. An adventure that no one else could possibly have because no one else is exactly you.
And the sense of elation that comes with the understanding that you can,simply can-changes everything. So I guess what I’m trying to say is:Be happy with your life,because you have to live it,and no matter how short you may think it is,or was, it tells you who you are.

Part 1 of the ‘life is short’ series. 20 min writing challenge ¬©Angrezikabutar