Wonderwall. Reflections of the socially awkward photographer.

Wonderwall: Someone you can’t stop thinking about,someone you are infatuated with.

Here I am, thinking of you and I don’t even know your name.
All I wanted was something forbidden.
And there you were, sitting on the footpath, in a black fitting Tshirt,
A lit cigarette casually held between the fingers.
Eyes met. We spoke.
My mind went a little blank.
It was those stupid cheek bones.
All I wanted was to take a picture of that moment.
And then some more.
Those light hazel eyes had me captivated.
But I didn’t know what to say.
So I walked away.
And now you’re on my mind.

I just wanted to be behind a lens with you on the other side.
Somehow the moment passed.
And now here I am,
trying to capture in words the image that I couldn’t.
I loathe this feeling of resignation.
This utter helplessness.
And now you’re on my mind.

There’s nothing I can do.
Fifteen minutes of acquaintance.
Four days of wishing it better spent.
You’re still on my mind.

One picture.
And you wouldn’t be on my mind.

Why are you still on my mind?

Everyday Art.

The Kalaghoda Arts Festival is an amalgamation of all that I love.

Of History,Colour and Art.

Everthing I see.

Everything I see.

Of looking at things differently.

Got Change?


Of bicycles and memories.

A beautiful world.

A beautiful world.

Of even more colour.

More Colour.


Of kindred spirits.

Through the looking glass.

Through the looking glass.

Of Chaos and the beauty within it.


Of the moment in motion.


Of Purple and Curves.

Purple curves.

Of Blue.


Blue in the Shade.

Of the shades of Rust.


Bells and Chimes.

Of a simple moment of solitude.


Roped into thought.

Of Grey Roses and Blue eyes.



Of Coffee at the most unusual times.



Of Candy Floss and Kalakhatta.


Friends and Love.

Kalaghoda is a iconic structure in south Bombay.The Kalaghoda Arts festival is a beautiful experience for everyone who lives and breathes Art. Not just the art you see hung up on the walls of a gallery but everyday art. The art you see in the small bits and pieces of your everyday life. The small things that make you happy. The air itself seems to come alive with euphoria.

Visiting the arts festival every year has been a tradition for me ever since I was a child.

I love the atmosphere,the energy,the sheer amount of happiness and fascination I see on everyone’s faces.

It is truly a part of me.

It is where you can paint with the colours of the wind.

Weekly Photo Challenge:Home.


Home is where happiness is.
Home is south Indian coffee while watching the sunrise on your terrace.
Home is a blue door and yellow walls.
Home is where parts of my soul stay,cuddled up on my bed when I’m in college.
Home is the slobbering of your dog.
Home is when your cat sits in your lap and refuses to move.
Home is the freedom of wearing long T-shirts and no pants.
Home is.