You are alone.Feel anyway.

You are loud. And bold. And passionate. And if you live placidly you may as well die.
You will anyway.
You are brave. And loving. And trusting. It brings you pain.
You love anyway.
You are astounding. And scared. And hidden. It keeps you up at night.
You shine anyway.
You are honest. And blunt. And true. Your heart beats angrily.
You wait anyway.
You are everything. And nothing. And so so tired of keeping it all in.
You bleed anyway.
You are all I want. And need. And everything in between.
You are me anyway.


One thought on “You are alone.Feel anyway.

  1. cringing says:

    woah, really nice poem! My favorite line is “You are me anyway”-really powerful. If you don’t mind, I’d love it if you’d take a peek at my blog!

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