The actual theme today is ‘Forgive quickly’ ,the reason it’s not the title is because that would be misleading. I don’t forgive quickly,and I have no intention of starting now.
If we were in Pride and Prejudice this is the moment Elizabeth Bennett’s Aunt would say-“Be careful my dear,that savours strongly of bitterness”

True as that may be,forgiveness is not a trait that comes easily to me. I don’t believe in saying it’s okay when it isn’t. Primarily because an apology slips through your lips so easily that I doubt you mean it. An apology is a way of making yourself feel better,because hey-at least you tried right?-You say ,to yourself to get rid of the uneasy bubbling pit of guilt building in your stomach.

Words have more power than you could ever dream of, and a simple attempt to make amends doesn’t change a thing.

They say you should forgive and forget for your own self,so that you don’t let it affect your temperament,your happiness,your moods. Sounds like an attempt at protecting the ego.
The ego is sensitive and susceptible to injury more easily than anyone of us would like to admit. And so we forgive,because they apologized right? They didn’t mean it-or at least they said they didn’t.

I can’t do it. Not without significant ranting and raving before I calm down enough to simply not care,at least for the time being.

Could you?

If someone cut your heart to shreds?
If someone told you they were indifferent to you and in the same breath paste your heart back together with honey?

Could you forgive them and truly mean it?     

Part 3 of the ‘life is short’ series.©Angrezikabutar


One thought on “Forgive.

  1. […] in mine,that statement is begging to be scoffed at. Quite visibly the bitterness I spoke about in Forgive. still […]

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